10 November 2011

How to Drive a Saint to Virtual Drink

The system, Cronos fashion, has taken to eating posts on some blogs.

I may have worked out the trick with one of the the bugs in the comment system in Blogger, though this is based on practical observation and does not rely on any coding knowledge.

I hit the "comment" link and a box appears but the words usually found in the verification in the captcha system are not visible There is just a red X. However, if one looks at its properties by right clicking, this has the potential of being a link, and one that, in several cases if one persists in typing a message, leads to a mem something or other error message.

Reload the page and the word verification shows letters to be retyped in the usual slot. Usually typing the message in this fully fledged box, with the captcha in place, will cause no problem when one hits the publish button, but this is not guaranteed.

I don't know if this glitch is an additional security measure, but it is extremely inefficient for me as it has stopped me posting any more comments.

Perhaps it is an inbuilt effort to slow up an increasingly unwieldy and ever growing Internet?

It certainly wastes time and bandwidth.

Also, just in passing, everybody should read the differences in copyright between posts and comments before deciding where to write, I think. Legal responsibility in material printed on a non-adult blog is taken seriously here and I use this more technical space to try to unravel the complexity of the web for ordinary everyday use.
Much of the time is spend snarled up in coccoons of my own making, but the comment system is becoming a real, external problem that I cannot solve.

Perhaps in time copyright lawyers will have replaced venture capitalists as the most employable entrepreneurs round. Mesmerising language and sleight of mind thinking are always in demand and making sense of who owns all the lost comments and where they are stored should cause hours of harmless fun.

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