8 November 2010

It Gets Weirder

I was about to send a return e-mail to a friend who works in a semi-state body.
The legal agreement that such an action would imply stopped me in my tracks.
I had already sent a link to my Flickr photos, ignorant of the fact that any e-mail sent to that institution could be subject to being revealed, if such was deemed necessary.
I already treat e-mailing as the equivalent of writing my business in large capital letters on a public pavement. Delighted with news, friends might feel free to send updates round to their contacts, if what they find amuses them.
That is to be expected.
However that thought that my Flickr stream could somehow, at some time in the future, get into the hands of people who, in the old fashioned phrase "do not have my best interest at heart" has ensured that I will not be emailing to that source again.
This is not based on some personal neurosis. A newspaper I used admire used messages left on a journalist's answer machine to flesh out a very alarming story that was, ironically, about confidentiality. Everybody is fussing about the end of journalism as it used to be.
Considering the strange legalities that are embedded in every institution today, I'm not surprised...


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