4 November 2010

Seeing Yourself as Others See You

There is a useful travel site, Travelexpertguide, where posters share tips on safety while travelling. "How safe is Dublin for alone female traveler?" gives a fairly balanced view of how to look out for pickpockets and how to avoid discussing religion.
For some reason, the religion seem to grab the visitor's imagination and it's worth mentioning that it is something that most people here never think about.
I have got used to street photography in Dublin, and have to admit that my fears were soundly founded on the impertinence of waving a camera at strangers in a public place, rather than on any fear of being attacked. Dubliners are an easy-going bunch and are never as given to excessive drinking during the day as some tourists would like to believe.
Night-time is a different matter and, as in any city, it's wise not to wander round alone. This, from a person who used cycle night and day for years without feeling any fear, may be as sign of old age on my part.
Being frightened of other people is a neurosis. Best avoided...


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