16 June 2009

Blooming Marvelous

I have to admit that I am now "wall falling".
The exertions of the past few weeks (what with trying to make a neat little "potager" in the front garden) has taken its toll. I sleep the sleep of the dead and have to be almost dragged out of bed every morning and almost propped up to eat breakfast.

I thought that energy would not be found to keep blogging, but the truth is that I have energy left for little else.

Today, through force of will, I managed to get to the National Gallery for a morning lecture by P.J. Lynch, a wonderful illustrator of children's books. The introduction to Harry Clarke's illustrations of Hans Christian Andersen was a "tour de force". There was even an enlightening analysis of how Clarke constructed Snow Queen image, entitled "Deconstructing Harry".

I decided that the lecture was exciting enough, so another visit to the gallery to take time to study the work on display will be needed.

A thoroughly memorable Bloomsday.


Blogger DaviMack said...

A beautiful closeup!

Hope you find some more energy, somewhere!

6/20/2009 7:41 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Belated thanks.

I brought my +4 Diopter round the garden last week and tried out some new angles.

6/25/2009 11:56 am  

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