20 May 2009

En Tournage

Last evening was a gala occasion.

Off we went, braving wind and rain, to a showing of
Colette's wonderful story, "Chéri".

For years every word that Colette wrote seemed to rattle round gently in my head.
The landscape of Burgundy was so beautiful in one Summer I spent there that,
years later, I brought my husband to tour the rolling hills, woods and vineyards
of a place where time had, seemingly, stood still.

"Chéri" is set in more austere surroundings.
The claustrophobic houses of the demi-monde, the lonely Atlantic coast...

The story of an aged lady falling in love with a young man who refuses to grow up is one that Irish audiences may or may not recognise. It is so very, very French.
Surprisingly, although almost everybody in the film spoke in English, with American accents, it was a convincing portrayal of French life as lived by the idle rich before the First World War. Also, the witticisms of the original text made the audience (of probably no more than a dozen) laugh.

Lovers of the colours used in Impressionist painting are in for a treat.

This film got only two stars from a critic in one of our Dublin newspapers.
He should think again...


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