8 March 2007

The Chattering Goes On

I've just been chatting with Podge. His interest in hearing about a visit
to Western Austalia got me remembering all the lovely times we had there
in Spring (Aussie Time) 2005.

We started out in Perth and drove along the coast and finally, having ziz-zagged a bit, got to see Albany.

You might like the site leading from the Title Bar here.
It has a very beautiful map.

I particularly liked Margaret River. They were having extended Winter weather in 2005, which everybody commented on. The forests were spectacular in the rain.

We were away for almost two months, so getting the whole thing down on paper might take some time.

It's worth persisting with Bobby's Reflections, especially if you like Wild Orchids. I was astonished at the number of people with very expensive photography equipment who follow the WA Orchid Trail every year. My camera was not suited to close-ups at the time, but the temptation is to go there again.

I know Victoria better than WA, and really enjoyed a visit to Squeaky Beach. The importance of maintaining the fragile soils of Australia is particularly interesting, as I've always had an amateur's interest in Soil Science, without getting into all the details.

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